And we’re back again. I hope you are all well and are back into the swing of things again. School lunches, school uniforms, back into the routine of playgroup and eating healthy… or trying to.  I know I am trying hard to drink more water and bring fruit wherever I go until my trousers fit nicely again!

For this week I am going to focus on the 14 month old in your life.  The months are flying in and your little baby is now 14 months. No longer a baby, he is known as a ‘Toddler’.  Your attitude will begin to change towards this little person in your life. Your toddler may be walking now and what a different ball game this is!! Some parents love it, others dread it … bumps here and there, not in the same place you left her a few moments ago, pulling everything out of the cupboards. Oh, what fun they are having. They are now like Mummy and Daddy!

Things that are important at 14 months include:  Nurturing Independence, Good Quality Play and Taking Care of your child’s teeth.

Nurturing Independence – Your child is not a helpless infant anymore. His demands no longer get the quick, undivided attention you gave them before. It is important to let your child grow with a sense of confidence and self-sufficiency. This is an important general principle to follow in helping him gain this confidence is to direct him towards independence.

The importance of Good Quality Play – when your child is at a playgroup or in the room with other children – you may think – why is my child not playing with that other child?  You find your toddler is playing beside the child and not talking or simply talking to himself. This is known as parallel play. The two children know each other but don’t play with each other. It’s a good idea for the parent to observe and ensure the children are getting the play experience with age appropriate toys.

Taking Care of Your Child’s Teeth – It is so exciting when our babies cut their first tooth. By now he probably has most of his front teeth! If your child’s permanent teeth are to have the best possible chance of being straight, his temporary or baby teeth must be preserved until his permanent teeth are ready to come. Two factors to keep in mind:

  1. Limit your child’s sugar intake. Keep treats for the weekends! I know it’s easier to give in but perseverance pays off!
  2. Brush your child’s teeth regularly.  It is hard to believe but bacteria appear on teeth 20 minutes after eating so be sure to get your child into a good habit of this. This old Barney song (The purple dinosaur) helps make this a fun activity.  “I’m brushing my teeth on top.  It’s so much fun, I hate to stop.  I never let the water run, oh we never let the water run”. Save the water by turning off in-between brushes!!

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Stay tuned for next week!