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Crying in the Night

Crying in the night Halloween is upon us. I love this time of year. The colours in the trees turning from green to brown, orange, yellow and red. I always find this time of year gives me inspiration on what to wear.  And lots of ideas for arts and crafts for [...]

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Understanding Your Child

The best starting advice any one can give you to understand your child is to try and see the world through their eyes. You as a parent can see your 4-5 year old child is changing drastically; they are growing up fast and developing at a rapid speed, they are becoming [...]

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"I’m scared"! We all know the sound of little footsteps coming running or the sudden cry... ‘MUMMY/DADDY, I’M SCARED!’  This can be a typical occurrence at bedtime for children of various ages. Maybe it’s a way of getting an extra 5 minutes of your attention. Or it could be a genuine [...]


Let’s Read a Story

Let's Read a Story Reading to your child is one of the most precious things you can do.  It relaxes not just your child but you. You are connecting in an intimate way that helps your child feel safe and secure. Reading to your child also paves the way for effective [...]

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A Positive Attitude!

A positive attitude A story we are all familiar with, two people look at the same glass: one sees it as ‘half full’, the other sees it as ‘half empty’. Hello again. Where are the weeks going? One minute we are stressing about the kids being off school the next we [...]

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Shyness is an important topic during preschool years as social interaction is needed for a young child’s social development. It is also essential for good physical, emotional and intellectual development. Around 15 % of children display shy characteristics and research shows that shyness can be seen from as early as 4 [...]


Encouraging Special Gifts and Talents

Every parent wants their child to grow up into a healthy, happy and successful person who reaches their full potential. One way of planting the seeds of happiness and successfulness in your child’s life is to nurture the special gifts and talents your child naturally possesses from a young age. From [...]

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