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Treasure Baskets

Treasure baskets are an invaluable activity for your baby to enjoy at home. They are filled with everyday items that you will find in your own home. They are recommended to be used with babies when they can sit up, either by themselves or with support. They provide so many benefits [...]

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Developing through our senses

Recently there has been a huge emphasis on a young child’s brain development and how it undergoes a significant amount of change in those first few years. A lot of professionals talk about the importance of the first 1000 days where it is essential to provide a stimulating and nurturing environment [...]

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Emotional Well-Being – Understanding the ‘Baby Blues’

The ‘baby blues’ is a mild depression that many women experience soon after their babies are born. These blues can be caused by hormone changes as well as by the personal challenges that a woman goes through after childbirth. They happen most often from the third or fourth day to the [...]

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Have you had your talk yet?

We often joke about talking to our children about the birds and the bees.  Many of us dread these conversations as we think it is a difficult topic.  Well, my question for this blog is not about the birds and the bees!  The question I'd like to ask is, how often [...]

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Big Worries on Little Shoulders

When the weight of the world appears to be on little shoulders, is there anything we as parents can do?  Of course, there will be circumstances in life that we cannot control or protect our children from. For example, starting school, serious illness, or the death of a loved one. However, [...]

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How Toddlers learn to Socialise

The 1st of October. Honestly, I can’t believe where this year has gone. I am glad to see playgroups, parent and toddler groups, breastfeeding groups, toddler mornings all opened again and the more I check social media the more groups seem to be appearing. I myself have missed them so much [...]

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1st Day at School

The team here at Lifestart are all back in full swing after the summer holidays, September always seems to be such a busy time. I’m sure it has been a busy week for most families as well, whether it’s starting school for the first time or going back after the summer [...]

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One Language or Two?

I hope you are all keeping well, enjoying the summer holidays which seem to be flying this year. More so than ever before. Every shop I go into at the minute has all the new school uniform items. In my head, I’m not ready for that stage but I know if [...]

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