Every first (time) parent should get it. The Lifestart programme eased fears – you
can’t assume that everyone has parenting skills so it is good to give advice to parents on what to do

Lifestart has over many years built a reputation as a provider that can reach and retain even the most marginalised of families.

Children, who have had good parenting, also make good parents themselves and have positive relationships with their children. These healthy relationships promote good infant and child mental health, child resiliency and self-esteem, and enable children to empathise appropriately with others.  Good parents are also more likely to be more actively involved in their children’s schooling and in community and society, in other words to be good citizens.

Long-term v. short-term support

The longer-term supporting relationship between the parent and the Lifestart Family Visitor is an important and defining aspect of the Lifestart programme and service and this relationship has been proven to be critical in generating long-term good outcomes for both parents and children.  In many contexts and circumstances the effects of a short-term parenting intervention do not last and are therefore ineffective in the long-run leading many vulnerable families to re-present for further support.

The effects of the Growing Child programme and service build up and last over time making the programme more effective than many short-term parenting support interventions.

Lifestart has been a priceless asset to our family life, I have received the support every 1st time
mum needs to help my child develop to the best of his ability and already at 3 years old his advanced skills are shining through


The home delivery of the Growing Child programme ensures that this important family support service is accessible to families living in rural areas who have limited access to centre-based services and to socially isolated or hard-to-reach families who, for a number of reasons, may not have access to or avail of other existing services – a feature that appeals to many service commissioners and funders.

The idea of bringing the knowledge about new child to the doorsteps is brilliant! And everyone in the family benefits from this programme