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Quality Child Care

Just as your settling into life with your new little 4 month old bundle of love, you start to think/worry about returning to work. You could be returning at 6 – 9 months or maybe you are privileged enough to take one year of work. Thoughts start to race through your [...]

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The Sound of Music

Music and song have so many benefits for children of all ages. Not only is it lots of fun, it can help… soothe or calm a baby when upset accelerate brain development support language development encourage co-ordination and motor skills increase social and emotional abilities promote relaxation and sleep Issues 36 [...]

The Sound of Music2021-02-05T13:49:34+00:00

Ground Hog Day!

The majority of people we talk to this weather seem to be finding this lock-down much more difficult.  People are tired, and there seems to be no end in sight.  This time of year we are usually looking at where we could go for a wee break or even planning summer [...]

Ground Hog Day!2021-01-29T15:40:31+00:00

Baby’s Amazing Memory

Baby’s Amazing Memory Week 2 of Home Schooling complete –  well that's if you have older children. What a week it has been for me. Home schooling children of different ages, a baby running around and working on top! As well as normal daily duties like sorting out your 8th basket [...]

Baby’s Amazing Memory2021-01-22T13:39:05+00:00

Helping Young Children Deal with Stress

Stress seems to be a word that is part and parcel of our modern fast paced world.  A world where everyone’s daily schedules are brimming with tasks and duties; including our young children’s. As a result, many young children are showing signs of stress that are negatively affecting them emotionally and [...]

Helping Young Children Deal with Stress2021-01-18T10:03:28+00:00

Learning Everyday in Every Way

New year new lockdown, but same old worries and uncertainties! No one ever said that parenting was easy but I think it is fair to say that over the past year we have been faced with a whole new set of fears and concerns. I myself am a mother of 3 [...]

Learning Everyday in Every Way2021-01-11T11:57:19+00:00

Fun on Wheels

Happy New Year everyone!  I have to say as I get older the New Years come rolling along just a little quicker than the previous one.  But in saying that I am more than happy to see the back of 2020. I wonder do you feel the same way. I really [...]

Fun on Wheels2021-01-01T17:10:41+00:00

Last blog of 2020

It’s the 18th December and the last blog of 2020. Firstly what a year. Full of ups and downs, sadness and happiness. I think most of us are glad to see the end of 2020 and we hope 2021 brings much more joy and happiness. If anything 2020 has taught us [...]

Last blog of 20202020-12-18T15:36:25+00:00

Your Child’s Brain Development

The most important development that is taking place in your child throughout the first five years is the development of the central nervous system, including the brain. Children’s brains are like sponges taking in everything around them. A reason for this is because the brain is developing faster than any other [...]

Your Child’s Brain Development2020-12-13T14:46:03+00:00
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