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Some myths about crying

Many parents feel helpless and frustrated when they are unable to comfort a crying baby. Babies generally have a reason for crying. It is their way of communicating when they are hungry, or in pain, or tired or when they experience some other kind of discomfort. But sometimes a baby will

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Nature or nurture?

There is an age-old argument about whether people are born with all their intelligence and abilities already there, or do they pick them up from the world around them. And the simple answer is: both. Before your baby can learn to do something, her muscles and nervous system must grow to

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Parenting tips

Tummy Time enhances head and neck control, muscle tone, body awareness and encourages the correct progression of physical development from the head down to the feet and from the centre outwards Responding to your baby teaches your baby about trust. Repetition of events shows them what to expect and what will

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Every child is different

(From the Growing Child Issue 15) Not all children develop at the same rate. Nor does any one child develop evenly in all areas. Any single child may vary a great deal at different periods in her rate of development. For example, she may have gained control of her head at

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Raising a confident child

(From the Growing Child Issue 36) By giving your child some work responsibilities within a loving home environment, you are helping to promote your child's self-confidence. At 3 years of age your child is capable of performing many tasks around the house. Instead of inventing "busy work" for him, invite him

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