‘There is no such thing as a perfect Parent. So just be a real one’.

Most of what we talk about we take from our online ‘Growing Child’ which focus on the development milestones on a month by month basis.  Today I am going to look at topics covered around the 15 month stage of your little one. When you sit back and look at him you will be amazed by how much he has grown. In our online issue we provide a general overview on development, body awareness, special family members, and behaviour.

Today I’m going to chat about us the parents, because we’re human!  And we can have our off days where it seems that everything we try to do with our child is just not working. On days like this it’s easy to start thinking that you’re not a good parent or that someone else could do the job better than you. Also while remembering that we are human you need to remember so are your children. It is OK for our children to show emotions through tantrums or crying. This is normal. If your child cannot speak they must express their feelings somehow. At times like this, we all need a sense of humour!! Or maybe even a large glass of wine! (In moderation of course 😉).

But remember:

There is no such thing as a “perfect” parent. Remember you are perfect in your child’s eyes and you are their idol. Whatever you do be sure your little one will imitate, both what you do and what you say. As the saying goes ‘monkey see, monkey do’. Trying to make every experience fun is the aim. Your child will learn better and tantrums reversed if the problem is turned into a game. Although this can be easier said than done when your child is driving you to distraction and you have run out of energy. Parents should not be afraid to use their own judgement when dealing with their child.

When you find one kind of discipline fails, try another until you find what works. I find with my girls the eldest one works very well with reward charts with a goal at the end to take her to a soft play centre or the swimming pool. Whereas my middle girl is more swayed by treats and hugs. Although I do find with children the reward needs to be visible otherwise discipline or reward charts will not work.

Also, Consistency is key. I know it’s difficult to discipline in front of your in-laws or the judgmental neighbour – but you must be consistent. If we are not consistent our child will know how to get what they want the next time they see their favourite toy in the shop or sweets they love that will pull out every tooth in their head!!

Special People

When all else fails be sure to use the ‘Special People’ in your child’s life – neighbours, grandparents, aunts/uncles or close friends. When you are about to lose your head, you are better getting out of the situation if you feel yourself frustrated with your child and losing your temper. These close by people in our toddler’s lives help show her that she belongs and that she matters. They may teach your child something you don’t know about or didn’t think about teaching your child.

As I said earlier you can find out more in our issue 15.  I hope you enjoy our blogs and find something you can relate to.  And always remember you are not alone. Other parents all over the world are going through the same busy days, tantrums in the super market, spilled milk, broken toys…