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A Young Child’s Learning: An Insight for Parents

The Growing Child Team know just how important you are in your young child’s learning.  But do you know?  Sometimes when we think of our children’s learning we think this is something that they will start doing when they go to pre-school or primary school.  Well we here at Lifestart have [...]

A Young Child’s Learning: An Insight for Parents2020-05-01T10:36:43+00:00

Time to Start Toilet Training?

Happily we’re approaching the summer months, long evenings and better weather… what else are you thinking about when you have a 2 something year old in the home? What else but learning to toilet train and lose those nappies you are now fed up looking at and changing!! Toilet learning is [...]

Time to Start Toilet Training?2020-04-24T19:15:08+00:00

Safety at Home

Covid-19 – What did we talk about before it? We're all stuck indoors and enduring each other’s company.  Busy trying to keep our little ones out of mischief and safe in the home. I know it is a difficult time but we can make it a positive one. We're getting time [...]

Safety at Home2020-04-03T15:55:03+00:00

Not me – Why children fib!

For many of us we are spending lots (and lots) of time at home these days and somethings may push our buttons a little faster than normal.  Fibs and lies can be such triggers.  We can all picture the young child with chocolate all over their face denying that they ate [...]

Not me – Why children fib!2020-03-28T15:54:56+00:00

Coronavirus: Is your child concerned?

Fear and concern for our love ones around the issue of the coronavirus is everywhere.  Schools closing (depending on where you live). Panic buying in shops.  TV and radio continuously talking about rising statistics on how many have the virus and rising death totals.  This is indeed a frightening time not [...]

Coronavirus: Is your child concerned?2020-03-13T13:52:08+00:00

Who Is the Typical Baby?

My name is Deirdre and I joined the Lifestart team in 2017, as a Family Visitor working within the Tinystart programme. A joint project in conjunction with the charity, Tinylife who support babies born prematurely. I work within the Western Trust providing practical advice and emotional guidance to parents and their [...]

Who Is the Typical Baby?2020-03-06T15:35:03+00:00

Today’s lesson is Play!

Have you ever wondered where your little one gets certain sayings from or how they react when something doesn’t go their way or how they walk or act? Well a lot of it comes from – YOU! You are the most important teacher in your child’s life (no pressure eh!) and [...]

Today’s lesson is Play!2020-02-28T20:46:42+00:00